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Shelly Gardner and Katie Ainsley are both breast cancer survivors and were both diagnosed in their early 30's. They are passionate about helping other women going through breast cancer. They have combined their knowledge and passion to bring thermography to Brevard county. They are excited to offer another screening tool to help with breast cancer prevention as well total health monitoring for both men and women.

Shelly is married to Nick and together they have a three year old daughter Tegan. Shelly was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Her treatment included several surgeries and chemotherapy. Three years later while she was pregnant with Tegan, the doctors discovered that Shelly had leukemia caused from the breast cancer treatment. Shelly underwent chemotherapy while pregnant and one week after delivering her baby girl Shelly underwent a bone marrow transplant. Shelly is now cancer free and volunteers her time to help other young woman going through breast cancer as a facilitator for Beyond Boobs!, a non-for-profit that supports pre-menopausal woman going through breast cancer.


Katie is married to Mark and together they have four children. Luke, 11, Lilly, 10, Nathan, 7 and Roman, 1. Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy and is now cancer free. Katie has been passionate about helping breast cancer patients by helping them learn of alternative and natural ways to assist the body during treatment.




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