Instructions & Exam Procedures / Forms

1. Please do not engage in vigorous exercise or take an excessively hot shower/bath, or smoke 2 hours prior to your appointment
2. Please do not wear lotion or perfume
3. Please do not sunbath, get a massages or acupuncture before your appointment

Please fill out patient forms (link) before you arrive at the clinic.

When you arrive at the office you will change into an exam gown and the technician will review your medical history with you while your body acclimates to the temperature in the office.

Once all the images have been taken the thermographer will review the images with you to  explain what all the colors mean and what to expect from the written report which will be provided within a couple of days. (urgent reports are completed within 24 hours).

Your report will contain useful information relating to your physiological status (or function of the body).
The interpretting doctor will identify any significant findings that relate to your symptoms and history and give an opinion that will help your treating doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, therapist or other healthcare provider can contact the thermographer or reporting doctor with any questions.




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